Rhythm is all around us and pervades our every experience every moment. We are surrounded by patterns – forms that repeat over time. Bactrim no prescription We are composed of patterns that repeat over time. When we recognize the patterns in our lives we have an opportunity to move through life with more awareness, and we are better equipped to move through the situations we find ourselves in. We can remember what happened before and be more conscious of our choices the next time around.

Playing drums can offer us a model for training the brain to recognize patterns – not just recognize, but construct and reconstruct them. Antibiotic Ceftin/Cefuroxime By learning to play and create specific rhythmic patterns we are developing tools to help shape who we are and what we (and others) experience in the world around us. And drumming gives us the opportunity to enjoy doing it.  We can learn to identify patterns that resonate with us and work well with others.